Mosquitos and other flying insects can really dampen your mood, make everyone uncomfortable, not to mention, just downright dangerous to your health. Mosquitos have been known to transmit viruses. Bee stings can be quite painful, and one never knows when they may develop an allergy to the stings.

Protect your guests, family and pets by keeping uninvited nuisances such as mosquitoes and bees away from your outdoor living space…

For Mosquitos

  • Dump, drain or remove any standing water, before mosquitos have the opportunity to populate, in your yard. Mosquito eggs hatch, become larvae, then grow into pupae in water. Fill in holes and wet spots in the lawn and mow the yard regularly.
  • Keep water features running smoothly. Mosquitoes can’t breed and develop in moving water, so maintain fountain and pond motors and filters.
  • Dump inflatable kiddie pools after use or change the water weekly.
  • Skim the pool, clean out the filter and maintain proper chemical balance.
  • Cover hot tubs and pools when not in use. It is also more energy efficient and helps to maintain temperatures.
  • Repair septic tanks, they are known breeding grounds. Cover ventilation pipes with screen mesh tight enough to prevent insects from flying through and fill in gaps in the tank cover.
  • Set up fans, as they have proven to be a wiser and more effective method than citronella torches and candles for your deck, pool and patio area.
  • Keep personal insect repellent handy for your guests and family.
  • Although it is only the adult female mosquitoes that feed on blood, they do need males to breed, so it’s important to get rid/prevent all mosquitoes at every stage of their life cycle.

For Bees

  • Unlike mosquitos, bees aren’t attracted to the smell of humans, they ‘re attracted to the color and various sweet smells in their environment because their primary purpose is to pollinate flowers.
  • Avoid wearing flowery perfumes and lotions when lounging in the yard.
  • Cover and/or put away food before and after eating. Don’t leave open bowls and containers.
  • Set up bee bait about 20 minutes before BBQing, dining outdoors and/or lounging outside. Fill a cup or bowl with flat soda, fruit juice, maple syrup, or sugar water and set it few yards away; because bees are attracted to sweet and strong food odors they will pursue the scent away from you, instead of pestering you while you cook and enjoy your meal.
  • Instruct your children not to flail around or start flinging things at bees and wasps, as it will only serve to scare and anger them.
  • Keep trash cans covered and/or away from your patio, deck and pool area.
  • Keep personal bee/wasp repellent handy for your guests and family.

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