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Steel Frame Decks: Are They Better Than Wood?

If you are looking for aesthetic beauty and durability for your new deck, then steel deck framing will not only give you superior flexibility in design but will also offer durability and strength that wood deck frames cannot compete with.

The benefits of steel frames vs wood

  • Stronger yet more lightweight, this means that you will have more flexibility in post placement
  • Considered more aesthetically pleasing
  • Consistent material; every joist is made by a machine so there are no inconsistencies from joist to joist, perfectly flat and level
  • More flexible can be purposefully bent to suit the design needs
  • Environmentally friendly as they are made from recycled materials can be recycled themselves and, unlike pressure-treated lumber, are chemical free
  • Does not twist, warp, shrink or change shape over time
  • More resilient to weather and moisture
  • No need to worry about termites

MyDeck is an award-winning Deck Company that has been designing and building the highest quality decks for over 30 years! We carry the TrexPRO Platinum designation; the highest rating offered by Trex, one of the most reputable brands in composite deck materials and the creators of the Trex Elevations (Steel/Metal) Framing system.

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