Your vision, our ideas, a unique design: Everything comes together in our showroom

After an initial phone conversation, My Deck makes a site visit to your property. There, we measure and photograph the back of the house, site elevations and any special landscape features.

Back in our Flemington, N.J., design center, we input all of that information into our custom software toproduce a 3D image of the back of the home. Then we create a unique design that fits not only the architecture, but also the client’s vision for a truly unique outdoor living space.
When the client comes in, we go over the computer-generated design and the typical reaction is one of amazement – but we’re not finished yet! The next step is a walk around our state-of-the-art showroom, where we showcase a vast array of options and amenities.
And that’s where it all really comes together.

In the showroom, we start from the ground, and build up.

My Deck builds decks with a unique footing system of helical piers – and your first stop in our showroom is what resembles a7-foot-tallsteel screw that threads deep into the ground to support and stabilize your deck. With these helical piers, your finished deck won’t sink or move– unlike decks built on traditional concrete footings.

With helical piers in place, we can start framing your steel deck structure immediately – without waiting for inspections that can take a week or more, holding up the project. This allows us to stay on schedule.


My Deck custom-frames your deck with steel for decades of stability.

You will see a section of that steel deck frame right here in our showroom. And with steel framing, your deck will always stay true. Not so with a traditional wood frame deck.

Over time, traditionally used pressure-treated southern yellow pine deck boards dry out, twist and bow – wood does that. So it’s not a question of whether your wood deck will move; it’s merely a question of when.

My Deck’s steel structure is also ideal for second-story decks where you want to maximize usable space beneath: Our structure requires fewer vertical supports under your deck structure, which gives you maximum usable area below.


Decking materials, railings, accents, special features – all on display

Want a curve in your deck? Multiple curves? No problem – our steel deck structure accommodates all sorts of designs, and you will see a curved deck in our showroom.

Also on display is a wide selection of low-maintenance decking materials in a variety of colors – we carry all the best-quality materials available on the market. In our showroom, you will see how you can addyour choice of harmonizing or complementary colors for borders and accents, and as we walk around, you can choose your materials, colors and accent designs as ideas pique your imagination.

Railing options are also on display in aluminum (with color choices), cable, glass and stainless steel. These are all custom-made, specific to your deck design. You will note in our showroom that both our low-maintenancedecking materials and our railings are installed with few to no visible fasteners.
Of course, we can also build your deck and railings of hardwood, if you prefer.

Amenities galore for the unique design and functionality you desire.

In our showroom you will also see sunken areas, an outdoor kitchen with one of our high-end grills, a custom surround and stone countertop, as well as a sample fire feature, heaters, retractable screens, awnings, outdoor furniture, planters, benches and more – illustrative of the many features and amenities we can include as we design and create your unique outdoor living space.

Want to cover your deck? During your visit, we’ll also consider the many variations of roof structures you can choose from – including louvered roofs that articulate to give you sun, shade or protection from the elements.

At My Deck, we do it all, and seeing all the possibilities right here in our showroom makes it easier for you choose what you want.
By the time we finish your showroom tour, together we will have brought your deck to life. All that remains is for us to build it for you! Contact us to begin the process for your unique outdoor living space from My Deck.