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Get the Many Benefits From Great Deck Lighting

There are many reasons to add multi-functional lighting to your deck and outdoor living spaces. As with your home, depending on the time of day and the activities you will be engaging in, it only makes sense to add various forms of lighting such as torch, chandelier, pendants, spotlight, sconces, swag, lanterns, etc. to your deck. Look for exciting lighting options that add panache to your deck; there’s a lot to be said about the WOW factor when you achieve it…and your neighbors will be envious!

Add lighting for:

  • Curb appeal. The right kind of lighting can make your front, side and/or rear deck or patio more aesthetically pleasing and welcoming.
  • Safety and security. Create a safer environment by adding recessed lighting in/on the steps, post tops, around the railing, and walkway areas for family and visitors alike. Put the lights on a timer or smart device for automatic illumination, as an added level of protection.
  • Tasks. Whether you’re prepping food for BBQing, roasting marshmallows around the fire pit, reading, playing cards or strumming on the guitar, task lighting is so important to get the job done.
  • Energy saving. Consider a solar-powered patio lighting scheme, they come in many styles, like traditional lighting, except they use the sun’s rays. LED light bulbs use a fraction of the power that other types of light fixtures use, and like solar powered, are easier on the wallet.
  • Year-round use. With the right lighting, and heating, when the weather warrants, you can enjoy your deck not just in the spring and summer daylight, but anytime.
  • Romance. Create the perfect ambiance for a romantic evening with your special someone. Use soft colored lights or chandelier lighting turned low on a dimmer switch.
  • Party time. Add festive Spanish, Mexican, Moroccan, Asian-inspired or Bistro style lanterns for the party atmosphere. Use string lighting to make your trees, pergola, deck covering or gazebo twinkle.

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