Light Your Deck
for Evening Use

You have a number of different options for lights that you can choose for your deck. You can opt for outdoor fluorescent light fixtures, solar lights, or even traditional incandescent fixtures. However, if you’re installing a new system from the ground up, installing low voltage LED deck lights is by far the best option.

Why LED Lights?

First, and most importantly, LED light bulbs use a fraction of the power that all other types of light fixtures use. This even includes compact fluorescent bulbs, which are highly touted for installing in your home. This will save you a ton of money on electrical bills throughout the year and makes the slightly higher price that you’ll pay for the fixtures worthwhile.

Low voltage LED outdoor lights on top of that; you won’t have to even change the light bulb when you’re dealing with an LED light! The filaments in incandescent bulbs break fairly easily and quickly and the mercury in CFL bulbs wears out with regular usage. However, the hydrogen gas in LED lights can last for years and still function so the odds are that you will never have to change a single one of your LED light fixtures.

Finally, LED lights have several advantages over solar lights as well. Solar lights need direct access to the sun for them to work at their peak levels and they are also fairly limited in the styles that you can choose from. However, installing low voltage lights gets rid of both these problems. You’ll be able to put your deck lights wherever you like and you’ll be able to choose the type of fixture you want as well. No longer will cloudy days ruin your nights!

Installing low voltage LED deck lights has several advantages over installing any other type of lights. The bulbs use much less energy, last longer, and are even more dependable than any other type of lighting that you can install.

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